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  • Celebrating Gay Pride Month by Focusing on Mental Health

    June is gay pride month, a time when people come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves. And while the dancing, partying and colorful festivities are a wonderful way to celebrate, it’s also a time to commit to being your best self. And that means taking care of your overall mental health and well-being. 

    We have come a very long way in this society and members of the LGBTQ community have more freedom to express who they truly are and who they choose to love more than any other time in history. And yet, as LGBTQ members are also members of the human race, they will always experience challenges and traumas, love and loss, illness, depression, anxiety and more. And sometimes, they may have emotional wounds to work through that come from early life shame and guilt connected with their sexuality or gender identity. 

    What is LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy? 

    LGBTQ-affirmative therapy takes a unique approach to healing because it focuses not only on acceptance of who an individual is but also integration of their sexuality or gender identity into the rest of their life and relationships. 

    Trained therapists who specialize in serving members of the LGBTQ community help them to feel more comfortable with who they are and what they desire. In many cases, LGBTQ therapists are either LGBTQ themselves or have family members or friends who are. This gives them an intimate view of and understanding of the challenges LGBTQ members face. 

    This month, it’s important that members of the LGBTQ community make a commitment to their mental health so they can not only create positive change in their own lives, but also in our society as well.