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    Individual Therapy

    Everyone faces times in their lives when they need help navigating the transitions and challenges of life. Whether it’a problems in a relationship, difficulty with mood or libido, ways of feeling stuck, holding onto issues from the past, or dealing with challenges related to sexual or gender identity.  My belief is that good therapy offers a space for reflection, gathering insight, building skills to cope with strong emotions, feeling valued and being heard. I particularly enjoy working with creatives, artists, and performers who must balance the unique way they see the world with society‚Äôs expectations. Clients typically attend therapy on a weekly basis and sometimes move to less frequent sessions (bi-monthly or monthly) as goals are met and if clients wish to stay connected and continue to maintain progress.


    • Sexual Desire/Interest
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Identity Issues (including sexual/gender)
    • Career/Life Transitions
    • Family/Relationship Concerns
    • Stress
    • Self-Esteem
    • Personal Growth
    • Parenting

    My work with clients (ages 18 and over)  includes approaches informed by trauma, attachment, and family systems models. I like to utilize/recommend strength-based, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness strategies.